This is what I do.

"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." (H. L. Mencken) As a software engineer, my role is to build and maintain efficient applications while keeping in mind the user's needs and the business perspectives.

I wrote my first code at the age of 15 when trying to create a little game in Lua for my PSP. When I discovered that it would never build a copy of Grand Turismo, I rather tried to build my first website.

Ten years later, I'm still writing code, but a little bit differently. After a master degree in Computer Science in France during which I was working as a freelance developer, I have been employed in a startup where I have been able to work on various technologies. There, I learned how to handle a complex infrastructure, how to maintain tenuous legacy systems and most important, how to build powerful and reliable software.

My desire to learn more and to discover new cultures pushed me to look for new opportunities in Dublin, Ireland. I started working for Smartbox Group as a software engineer in the integration team and, since September 2017, I'm the manager of this team of 11 people. We built and maintain the principal external and internal APIs of Smartbox and since a few months, we open-sourced our new Symfony based integration framework that allows you to define integration flows between systems.